Friday, January 9, 2009

Frank and I decided to grab Max’s buddy Cameron. Cam is a friend that Max has had since birth (I have known Cam’s mom for a lifetime, she used to babysit Max when I first went back to work….she has three kids and is always happy to get rid of oneJ Max has always seen Cameron as sort of a big brother and I love that his mom doesn’t care what I do with him while he is in my care …insert witch cackle…)…

ANYWAY…We decided to pack up the car and go on a weekend trip to Chestnut Mountain to let them try snowboarding since they think they are so good at Duck Creek Park! They did AWESOME……I couldn’t believe how quickly they caught on to the ski lifts and the “rules” of the slopes. It was FREEZING and WINDY and eventually DARK… but the fresh air was so good for me…..the evening and morning by the pool invigorated me….and the clean sheets at the hotel lulled me to dreamland (I LOVE the smell of chlorine and hotel sheets…the perfect concoction for the perfect nights sleep). It was just what I needed…..but please remind me next year that….a TRIP WILL BE PLANNED FOR THE WEEK AFTER CHRISTMAS EACH YEAR FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE…….(the caps are to make sure that Frank doesn’t skip over this part).

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