Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Enchanted Fairy Garden

We have a house fairy that flits around the house picking up legos, star wars guys, nerf bullets, coats, shoes, back packs, cat hair, plates, cups, forks, wrappers, and crumbs. I mean, it could not POSSIBLY be ME who would be that stupid to do all of this…..all day….all night…..I mean, how would I even have time! I work all day, spend quality time with the family at night……clean on my specified days as outlined by my personal Franklin planner…..where would I even find the time to do all of this flitting here and flitting there. So it must be our house fairy!! And this is where she lives! Isn’t it a delightful home! I see glimpses of her fairy dust sometimes late at night when everyone is sound asleep…..she likes to dance along her aqua blue sidewalk!

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