Friday, January 9, 2009

Winter Break

The week after Christmas has always traditionally been a quiet, cozy week where all of the new and exciting Christmas loot is strewn about and sugary left-overs are at arms length. There are typically no rules during this week except to stay in your pajamas (and yes I DO have some rules during the other weeks of the year)……it’s just a laid-back, play-yourself-silly and go comatose from too many cartoons and cookies and cokes. I usually take this opportunity to go through every inch of the house, cleaning and organzing every cubbard, closet, drawer, or secret hiding place….including the garage, basement, and attic (even my car).

Since we just moved into this house, my annual cleansing ritual was easy…..delightful and satisfying….but WAY too easy. I started to go stir crazy. I craved our old routines!…..I….craved…..RULES. I don’t know if someone slipped something into one of my drinks….but I was FREAKING OUT. I needed everyone back to school or at the very least, I needed to get us all out of the GD house before I hurt someone…….

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