Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lady Luna

Meet Lady Luna! I have known her for many lifetimes, of that I am sure! We had an immediate connection (she held out her paw and said, "meom" when I walked by her at the pet store:) We've spent our days napping and playing and whispering sweet nothings to each other...I am in LOVE with this cat! She is sweet, bright eyed, agile, and so playfully funny! She has a wildly curious yet gentle spirit and has settled right into her new home! I have only taken a few maternity days off of work....but feel a few more days off next week would be best for her self esteem and budding self confidence! aszez (she just jumped up and wrote that!...which means "I am fabulous" in catish). She loves to watch me on the computer, she likes to 'chase the mouse'...uuglejjs...she wrote that too!!...that means "my mom really needs to get a life."

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