Sunday, February 8, 2009

The magic of forts

Remember the safety of a good fort? Blankets, pillows, sleeping bags….anything you could find to make that special refuge that was only for you…untouched by parent hands and too small for adult intruders? A place to drag your favorite book, a flashlight, pop tarts or a box of cereal? Max makes them almost every day! He is obsessed with turning our couch into a fort. In Frank’s words, “wow, Buddy should really feel special that his favorite toy costs 2000 dollars.” It’s true. If he could pick anything to do it would include building a fort! Forts for watching movies, forts for Nerf gun wars, forts for star wars fights, forts for flashlight tag, forts for breakfast, forts for reading Ranger Rick, forts for kitten obstacle courses, forts for drawing army lines…….everything is more fun in a fort.

*Do you see Luna trying to take a peek into the magic fort?

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