Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Movie Night

We are all so busy during the week…pausing only to connect at dinner and before bedtime…..but Saturday nights are all mine. The girls are always out with their friends…so Saturday nights are for me and my boys. I have really come to adore the simplicity and serenity of our weekly tradition….so predictable and satisfying to a mom who is watching her child grow before her eyes and just needs to be able to steal a snuggle every now and then.

We do the same thing every Saturday (unless something better comes along, which is often sadly the case). The routine: Papa Murphy’s pizza, popcorn with M & M’s for Max and popcorn with Jr. Mints for me and Frank, three large sprites (perhaps a wine) and a “family friendly movie.” We all sit in the same spots with the same pillows and the same blanket and the house completely dark, except the fireplace. Luna jumps from lap to lap and Max’s popcorn is always spilled between the couch cushions. Frank often falls asleep and I usually start twitching with the thought of everything that needs to be done while I am horizontal for two hours. Max always whines shortly after the movie when it is time to go to bed, we spend some time arguing why we can’t watch another movie and it takes forever to get everything cleaned up and Max to sleep. However, despite the obstacles, I always have that warm feeling at the end of the night… and feel so lucky that I am blessed with these little moments in time where all is right in our world and we can just chill at home….me and my boys on movie night.

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