Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Max has been begging me to have a Camp Out Birthday Party all year. However, April 5th is not optimal camp out weather; so I either had to have a "faux camp out" or a really, really late birthday party.

I decided on celebrating Max's birthday "Campout Style" ....without the bugs or mess at my house!

The Stoney Creek Inn has that perfect rugged outdoor "vibe."

The boys arrived totally excited and LOUD! We went right up to the room to change into our swimming trunks and to find our sleeping bag spots. Of course lots of naked dancing and jumping from one bed to the other took place before we got everyone out the door! We spent over an hour swimming. The boys went back and forth between the indoor/outdoor pool and the hot tub. Pool toys were used to bomb Frank in the head.

The "Gully Room" was a terrific place for us to gather for cake and presents. It was sound proof from the rest of the hotel....

We then made Compasses....which directed us through our "scavenger hunt" that eventually led us back to our room!

The winning team picked the movie Bedtime Stories. A few kids drifted off to sleep during the movie but more than half were still WAY TOO WIDE AWAKE! Since the only time the kids were quiet was when they were watching the movie, we ordered another one to lull the remaining boys to sleep. However, at the end of Mall Cop. (which is apparently too funny to sleep through)…there were 5 remaining nocturnals (Max included) who spent the rest of their waking hours making farting noises and laughing at each other. The last fart we heard was around 2:00.

The next morning began around 6:00 with more farts and uproarious laughter! The kids ate donuts and wrestled and talked about butts and wieners and reluctantly gathered their stuff to go home. I was too tired to take any pictures which I’m so sad about now as they all looked so cute with their red eyes and messy hair!!

We met the parents in the lobby and everyone was given a hobo stick complete with a roll of toilet paper, a flashlight, a Little Debbie S’more snack, a packet of hot chocolate, some plastic snakes and ants and some crystal rocks that Max found in a creek in Vermont (I was shocked he parted with them!)

Before we left, I made Max take this picture so we could make it into our thank you cards...he was THRILLED!!!

On the way home Max was looking through his gift bags and smiling and he said, “That was the best day of my life”…..which made it totally all worth it!

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