Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sandusky, Ohio/Cedar Point Amusement Park

These pictures are totally backwards....but I'm trying to get them uploaded in the lobby of our hotel in the middle of the Catskill Mountains and 1. the internet is SLOW and 2. I am having a hard time concentrating because I'm listening to an autistic boy talk to the desk clerk about lesbians and it is such an interesting conversation that I keep loading the the same picture!

Below are the random pictures taken from our day at Cedar Point....the amusement park in Sandusky Ohio. The park was among the best that Frank and I have ever been to, a MUST STOP for anyone traveling east and needing a place to spend the day....the day ended with the girls and Frank going to the Sandusky mall and Max and I going to the Fireworks Super Store. Be afraid.

This is a picture of Frank and Anne after getting off of the Millennium Roller Coaster..."voted the biggest and fasted roller coaster for three years in a row." The T-shirt below has the "stats."

Sid loves himself a good funnel cake.

The lady just made Frank take off his glasses for the ride....he's pissed.

Max is up there!

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