Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Luna's Landing

You may know by now that I am completely enchanted by my cat. From the moment our eyes met, she has completely capitvated me. There was never a "warming up" after her adoption...it was like we have known each other our entire lives. She has brought so much serenity, harmony, and positive energy into our home. She is like our household barameter...you can seriously judge the overall mood and vibe of our home by paying attention to the way she moves among us...and if our home is out of balance...she swiftly and mysteriously works to break up any sour vibes bringing that balance back into alignment. The Lady is not only a lovely, flirtatious and magical companion...she is a powerhouse of energy whose strongest attribute is her intuition.

You can usually find Lady Luna cozily perching on the kitchen counter...keeping an eye on the goings-on during our day; cooking, cleaning, reading, dancing, talking, studying....all under her attentive gaze...lending her own magical energy to her beloved humans as she sees fit. She knows exactly when to get involved with family activities and when to watch from afar....and she knows that when the sun goes down, the moon comes up, and the house is quiet...she has my undivided attention....our favorite time of the day!

With candles lit, music playing, wine poured, kids running barefoot in the grass.....Lady and her brother, Smudge are free to wander their Cat Herb Garden (Luna's Landing)...a sacred nook in the garden planted especially for them that they DEVOUR each night. To watch these cats in their garden is to observe the definition of TRUE PLEASURE WITH UTTER ABANDON!

Once the cats have had their fill in the garden under the light of the moon, I am rewarded with constant caressing and lusty purrs for the remainder of the night as Lady snuggles between my shoulder and neck with her paws on my face directing my nose towards hers....breathing to the same rhythm and being lulled to sleep by a feline lullaby!

Here are pictures of Luna’s Landing…inspired by my Garden Mentor, Amy!! The plants in this garden are meant to not only have magical feline properties but to also bring cats joy and a certain drunken bliss!

The following plants are found in Luna’s little nook of our garden:

Catnip: Catnip encourages cat magic, love, good fortune, beauty, and happiness.
Black-Eyed Susan: Black-Eyed Susan’s really don’t have any magical properties but they bring back such comforting, happy memories of Gram Ham Sam that they are always a requirement in any garden I create.
Russian Sage: Russian Sage promotes good fortune, and moon magic. Fairies can often be found dancing around Russian Sage during full moons.
Cat Tails: Cat tails bring wisdom and they are fun for cats to swat.
Purple Coneflower: Purple Coneflowers are used for medicinal purposes as well as a fantastic place for butterflies to land.
Lambs Ear: The soft, pillowy leaves of Lambs Ear promotes sweet dreams and happy napping. Dried Lambs Ear should be sprinkled around your house to keep all negative energy away.
Sage: Sage is not only delicious…it looks awesome in cut flower arrangements and promotes immortality, longevity, wisdom, protection, and wishes.
Thyme: Thyme also tastes delish and promotes health, healing, sleep and purification.

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