Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Moonlight: The Halloween Cat

Look what I came across at the bookstore the other day…..a MUST READ for any family with a black cat! I love the rich illustrations ….luminous colors and enchanting close-ups that make the reader feel cozy and safe, even on Halloween night!

“Moonlight walks the night. She sees lights going off in the houses. Now only pumpkins will shine.” This little fabulous feline snuggles affectionately on the lap of a man made of straw and watches many splendors of the night, including trick or treating children and the reflections of twinkling stars on a still, dark pond.

It’s fun to think about what cats might do... and where they might go after their humans are all tucked in their beds. It’s immensely soothing to think of raccoons and bunnies and owls going about their night time business after the sun goes down and the moon comes up.

Moonlight feels so at ease moving through the night air as she encounters nocturnal magic….and naturally concludes her travels arriving back to her warm and cozy home.

Although this book is way baby-ish for was fun for him to read to Lady Luna....(like she cared)....and then to REALLY turn this delightful read into a thematic evening.....a little baking and creating our own edible Halloween cats .....

No....I don't have that much time on my hands.....but they are cute and I'm quite certain they are delicious!
May your encounter your own nocturnal magic this evening......

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