Sunday, April 11, 2010

March is my new favorite month!

Random acts of kindness were sprinkled throughout the month of March. We did a lot of baking, creating, sharing, helping...and surprising friends and family members with happy notes or special treats. Although we were gone for a week in Florida, we tried to continue the spirit of "being kind" while on the beach by writing positive messages in the sand and creating sand art that would make people smile. March is my new favorite felt great to have a mission of love...thinking of "what we could do next" to make the world a better place!!

Out of all of our kind and random merry-making, the BEST thing we did was become volunteers at the Humane act that has not only been good for those sweet fur babies...but it has been great for us as well....not just for the month of March but for the months to come!

Although we spend most of our time with the cats, we take a dog or two for a walk while we are there. We took this little guy for a walk today. He barks like a fog horn but is so adorable. We took another little weiner dog named Lulu for a much longer walk to the park where the boys played and Lulu chased sticks and licked my feet.

This guy was waiting for his new family to come pick him up....

See you soon my little lovers!!!

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