Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mystery Magic Door

Max's step mom sent me this story written in the Quad City Times last month.....so enchanting!!APRIL 30: In movies, they often have a door and when you open it, you end up in a magical place. This week we are wondering about our mystery door in the Blackhawk.

We have a door that originally was less than 10 feet from the main door to the hotel (which now opens on the RiverCenter side). It’s an interesting door — a strange size in comparison with the other hotel doors. The mystery door is a different brick — and very ornately done. The tile around it has small figurines of crabs, ducks and turtles worked into the brick. It looks really old and beautiful and has been walled up for a very long time. As we work on it and opening it up, we keep wondering:

What was it to? Why all the little animals? What could have been so close to the main entrance of the hotel and yet look so different? It’s all a mystery. The only thing I know is that I want to be the first one through the door — just in case Narnia or a potion that makes me smaller is on the other side.
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