Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome to our Enchanted Fairy Village

We expanded our enchanted fairy garden into an enchanted fairy village! The word got out among the local wee folk that we had constructed a magical dwelling for our favorite winged friends….a place that encouraged playing instruments, singing, feasting and dancing all night long… although we cannot SEE them, we know that we have more fairy activity measured by the increased amount of fairy dust that is found in their garden. (Look can see it!)

We built on to their existing home by adding another level …and built another little (gn)home across the aqua blue dancing path…..a fence was built for the fairies to have a safe place to collect their treasures (can you see some of their treasures?)….one morning we found Max’s tooth in there!! A birdbath, mailbox, and gazing ball were also purchased …because everyone knows that fairies need those things in their gardens!

We are in the process of designing MORE fairy gardens …..and building furniture from things found on nature walks!

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