Saturday, June 27, 2009

Couldn't wait....

So obviously I am obsessed with fairy gardens. There is just something about a magical, miniature world that completely enchants me! Believing in such a world just puts a happy, hopeful, Disney-esque vibe in my step.....I just can't help being drawn to the realm of such magical possibilities!!!

So....spending a WAY-TOO-LATE-NIGHT looking through images of what others do to invite wee folk into their gardens, I couldn't wait until next summer to get my hands dirty (or fairy dusty)! I decided to just play with what I have on my patio...which is pathetically just a tomato plant and a few herbs! I already had the "stuff" so it was fun to just play around with what we could find in the garage! I bought the wheelbarrow but at least I refrained from buying the bee hive!

I love the moss .....found in abundance in our yard!

Fairy-eye view....

This rock was Max's idea....hope the Lady is not offended.....

You may remember our very jolly house elves; Professor Crumb, Nee-hi, and Ho-Hum. They were particulary excited as I designed a new world for them to frolic about. Since the Midnight Moonlight Party that Lady Luna crashed last winter, our house elves have been missing the fairies who would inhibit our indoor fairy garden! They have been enjoying their important duties of The Guardian of the Fairies!!

Professor Crumb (photo by Max)


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