Monday, August 17, 2009

Words of Wisdom

I came across these quotes in Max's old journals that I used to have framed in his room when he was a toddler. They kept me focused during those turbulant years ....and seem to speak to me even more now during his transition into 3rd grade...

"God, help me to be a happy voice in my son's life today. It's a privilege to have this time with him. I don't want to hurry my way through these precious years; I want to savor every minute and have fun with my child. Help me take this responsibility seriously, but not too seriously. Help me to remember to laugh more. And give me the strength I need to be patient when I feel I have no patience left, to listen when my ears are full, and to forgive myself when blow it. His life is a miracle to be treasured and respected. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help this child grow."

"It's easier to follow our guidance as earthy escorts (mothers) for our kids when our fear is under control. Our children are dancing their own life dance, guided by their spirits, and it's our job to joyfully facilitate that dance rather than trip them up with our unnecessary worry. Everything changes, especially our kids. Rather than fear their growth, embrace it. See your children move down their life paths full of divine guidance and love."

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