Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween Decorating Stage One

A rainy, cold, gray day is a PURRFECT day to light a fire, drink some coffee, and begin decorating! I forget how many of these wicked little nuggets that I just love unpacking! Look at this little lady that my friend gave me last year from The Leaky Cauldron......isn't she divine?
The spell book goes right next to my other cook books....

All of these little sparkly babies were under 5 bucks from Hobby Lobby last year....

Hanging witches hats above my kitchen table is BRILLIANT if I do say so myself. This will be completed during STAGE TWO (hopefully tomorrow)...but had to post this picture from last year....such a cheap and fabulous idea!

I have set out over 80 candles already today....and yes, they are all lit!

Love my fireplace mantle.....the bats are from a Martha Stewart package I bought from Michael's last year. I also bought a pack of rats that will also be placed during STAGE TWO.

Love the Black Hat Diner that I placed on our kitchen chalk board. I try to make up funky names for what we have for dinner during the month of October and write them below this sign...

I love how the boots hang below the entry way....they sparkle, too but you can't see that here!
Halloween Decorating Stage THREE is when I begin the outside enchantments....however, this little lady is placed on my BACK sliding glass door. (Back Porch was completed today during Stage One.) It looks so terrific at night when the lights are on and glowing behind her. Sometimes I drive around to the back of my house just to get a glance at her from the road.

Hobby Lobby......The Witch is inI'm a sucker for anything with fur and sparkles.......

OK...I think I spent a little more than I should have on this fabulous feline from Hallmark....but I love her. Love.

Halloween Decorating Stage One is complete....the candles are lit, the fireplace is roaring, pumpkin spiced candles are filling the house....and the family is gathered on the couch eating popcorn and watching movies (not scary Halloween movies but good family flicks!)

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