Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dancing in the Moonlight

The moon phase changed to a 100% Full Moon last night around 1 AM. This means that all of the plants we bought a few weeks ago needed to be planted. (So Frank had a busy day because I was unable to help with any of it!) We worked so hard on our landscaping last summer....I hope our efforts pay off and we are spoiled with a terrific view next year!

According to the research I did this summer on Moon Gardening (gardening in harmony with the waxing and waning of the moon) suggests that planting during the Full Moon is a natural way to reap the benefits of the earth's natural rhythm. Planting, transplating and harvesting during a full moon phase magnifies their cross your fingers because our plants were NOT on sale!!

In celebration of the Full Moon.....I have created a CD to listen to while I move on to Stage Two of my Halloween Decorating this evening (I hope)!
Moonshadow.....Cat Stevens
Fly me to the Moon.....Frank Sinatra
Shoot the Moon.....Norah Jones
Blue Moon.....Cowboy Junkies
Moon at my Window.....Joni Mitchell
Dancing in the Moonlight.....King Harvest

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