Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween Decorating Stages 1-3....check!

Stage Two of Halloween Decorating was completed over the past two days which is really just laying out the last remaining goodies and deciding just where they go.....or if they are to be returned to their boxes and put away for another year.

Stage THREE is my fav!....enchanting the entry way!

I don't like the scary, bloody, gross Halloween decorations....they totally creep me out.....don't really want to give the message that I support axes through heads, nails stuck through eye lids, or severed limbs laying around the yard. Don't people have nightmares with all of those images laying around their houses?...ew....

I DO, however, support the message that mystery and intrigue are around every corner and that magic is in the air!!!

Just bought this door mat at's Witchy.
This is my newest creation.....the Cauldron of Enchantment.......I paid Max and his friends to find me three large sticks and we used twine to tie them together....grabbed the cauldron from the island in the kitchen (that we used for apples) and tied it up. I took an upright lamp to use as the "fire" which the boys surrounded with "logs".......and then some fall leaves and twinkle lights for the finishing touches.....someone call Better Homes and Gardens BABY!!!
And guess who jumped right in the cauldron?....THE LADY!!!......where was my camera!!!!???

Don't mind the power cords....they are hidden now!

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