Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness Month

March is Random Acts of Kindness month! I have decided to perform at least one "random act" a day for the entire month of March. My intention of this "project" is not so much for ME...but for my family. I want my "kind acts" to be witnessed and duplicated by my son and my step daughters. I want them to find themselves not only looking for ways to "do something to make someone smile"....but I want them to do it so often that it feels natural! I want them to feel uncomfortable when they miss the opportunity to be kind and spread joy to others.

"Changing the random act of kindness at a time"....that is going to be my daily mantra. Hopefully it will become a part of their subconscious...a part of who they are!!

I announced my "project" to everyone tonight while we were out to dinner and asked everyone to help me generate a list. Here are the ideas we have came up with so far!!

Bake cookies and give them to our friends

Bring donuts to Max's teacher and classmates

Make cat treats and give them to our feline friends

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Pay for the person behind me at Starbucks

Give blood

Give a waitress a big tip

Bring coffee and treats to work

Write a letter to Uncle Dave and send him pictures

Leave change in vending machines

Write someone a happy note

Write messages in a bottle or in the sand (we are going to be at the beach for a week during March)

Make breakfast cookies for my family

Make someone dinner and deliver it to them

Offer photograph gifts

Pick up litter

These look pretty easy to do....we'll see how many actually get crossed off the list and how many random acts I think of as each day unfolds..hopefully in the presence of the kids! I will share and reflect on my "kindness" at the end of the month.......

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