Sunday, March 7, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

A week of random “kind” acts was delightful, fabulous, and way too easy. The question is….are these REALLY random acts of kindness? I mean, I would have done every single one of these things on any given day and would NEVER think of it as “oh I’m being so kind!”(except bringing Max’s class donuts…that felt more of an “above and beyond” type of act). So do the other ones really count?

Bringing lunch to a teacher
Bringing home-made scones and green tea to our morning leadership meeting
Helping a handicapped man with his groceries
Bringing lunch and eating with Max at school
Sending pictures to my brother
Bringing coffee to a friend
Leaving change in a pop machine
Bringing cookies to a “bad vibe” meeting
Bringing donuts and juice to Max’s classroom

Just an interesting thought … "what REALLY counts as a random act of kindness.”

Anything that makes someone smile?
Anything that makes someone feel loved?
Anything that makes someone feel appreciated?
Anything that makes someone else’s life easier?
I guess it doesn't long as I am putting "good" out there, and setting the momentum of positive energy to those around will continue to multiply and the world will be saved!!!......
or at the very family and my friends will know I love them!
What will WEEK TWO BRING???

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